Sunday, September 5, 2010

Web, Wine and Ice Cream

Oh it is good to be the Mom some days! Not so good to be the daughter, perhaps! We have spent most of the day creating Just Sew Judy...and making it just so. Who knew when I stepped out of bed that all this would come about, uh I did! Shut down the email, shut down the machines and shut down the daughter's plans...ah, yes it is good to be the mom! After all it is Labor Day weekend. I labored many days for her some 15 or so years ago. One day is a small sacrifice.

I am many things but I confess a techie is the furthest down on the list for me. I do well to (literally)kick on the computer to grab the email. Ironically, I married smartly to someone who was and dear Hubby trained the daughter. They patiently do and redo everything, I thought, I wanted. Decisions, decisions, isn't it a woman's purogitive to change her mind? It's all good! I am fully connected to the "real world". I can blog. I can tweet. I can facebook. I can even sell on Etsy...only took 12 hours, 3 studious people and of course, a single glass of wine! Success? To quote MY dear mom in the most priceless of tones, "Any idiot can do that!". Sometimes it is not so good to be the daughter, perhaps.

Did I mention I have the best tech support in the world from my precious daughter? Mommy needs to go make up some dessert, chocolate or vanilla? Oh wait, just so happens there is white choclolate raspberry ice cream lurking in the freezer. It is allllll good! What's next after ice cream? Who cares!

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