Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Depends on What You Call Perfect!

The sun was perfect today, shining brightly, just somewhere I wasn't! As it was, the inclement weather perfectly aligned with my goals. Stay home and stitch!  There is something mesmerizing about the pitter pat of a gentle rain,  interspersed amongst the tata-tat-tat of my embroidery machine, I affectionately named Emory. Emory was the name of a miniature horse I cared for many, many, many years ago. He was a stout little fella, pouty eyes and a disposition that firmly assured you, he was in control. Not that a machine can have a personality, BUT if one could, this one would definitely be an Emory!

Emory and I toiled today working on some surprise gifts, the kind one earns when you take your first breathe. The wonders of life, so perfectly formed, can never be rivaled. It is innate to stand in awe of the first glimpse of creation, don't you marvel at times like those? I do. So there I stand, gazing down upon the finished embroidered gift, though it pales in comparison, a smile comes to my face.  It is good, it is all good.

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